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“Reading this book, and following Liz’s tips, will help you have the best vacation (and after-vacation) you can have. It’s just That Brilliant.” –Dr. Jessie Voigts, Wandering Educators

Simply put, this book is an entertaining and useful sojourn into one traveler’s experiences and lessons learned. Even travelers who aren’t dealing with chronic pain issues will find Hamill’s blend of personal anecdotes and smart, practical advice enlightening. –Allen Cox, Local Roads, Best Day Hikes Seattle & Best Easy Day Hikes Tacoma

Traveling with Pain by Liz Hamill is a must read for anyone who enjoys travel… Having travelled with pain at different times, as well as being a caregiver, I wish I would have had half these tips. Travelling withPain will help you make that trip you’ve always feared you couldn’t take, as well as improve those you do take. –Maralyn D. Hill, President, International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association.

Liz Hamill has an outstanding piece of work, tips and hints even the most seasoned traveler will find enlightening. –Jani Larsen, Regional Director & National Veterans Coordinator, American Chronic Pain Association


Travel Guidebook

The Imperfect Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Pain

More than 70 million Americans endure chronic pain. So what could be more relaxing, stimulating, fun, and even pain-reducing than a vacation? The Imperfect Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Pain shows travelers with pain how to get out and explore new places while minimizing their pain and caring for their health. With simple tips and techniques, many gleaned from personal experience, Liz can help you get off your couch, out your door, and into the wide and wonderful world.

Here are just a few tips from Traveling With Pain:

  • Start small—take a weekend getaway to a neighboring town before trying a month-long African safari.
  • Work with a travel agency that’s accustomed to dealing with travelers with disabilities, even if your pain isn’t disabling. An agent who knows her way around accessible travel will be better able to book travel that meets your needs, whatever they are.
  • DON’T travel too light. Pack what you need to be truly comfortable, and put “bag check fee” into your travel budget.
  • Make yourself as comfortable as your budget can bear. This IS the time to splurge on a comfy hotel room, book a massage, and indulge in room service.

With wit and pragmatism, Liz takes readers from the first moment of envisioning a trip, out the door, and onto the road. She’ll help you navigate through museums and theme parks, restaurants and hotels. Finally, Liz will take you home and fluff up your pillow to make sure you rest after you get home.

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