To be released by Hunt Press on April 15, 2011…

More than 70 million Americans endure chronic pain. So what could be more relaxing, stimulating, fun, and even pain-reducing than a vacation? The Imperfect Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Pain shows travelers with pain how to get out and explore new places while minimizing their pain and caring for their health. Offering a wealth of simple tips and techniques, many gleaned from the author’s personal experience, The Imperfect Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Pain can help you get off your couch, out your door, and into the wide and wonderful world.

Coming in at under 100 pages, The Imperfect Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Pain is light and easy to carry around when you’re on the road. Beginning with research and planning, through making transit and hotel reservations, on to tackling the trials of transit days, and through eating, sleeping, shopping, sightseeing, and having fun on the road, Liz Hamill’s book sticks with you on every step of your trip.

To pre-order The Imperfect Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Pain, click the title to go to the Hunt Press page. Scroll about halfway down the page to find the announcement for the book and the Buy Now button. Order now to take advantage of the pre-order price. When the book is released on April 15, the price goes up.

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